Tri-M Music Honor Society


To become a member of the South Brunswick High School Tri-M Music Honor Society, a candidate must meet the minimum Chapter criteria for Tri-M consideration, which include: junior or senior status, participation in a minimum of one full year music class in a prior year and a full year music class during the current school year. In addition, the student must be a member of an additional performing ensemble during the current school year (Wind Ensemble and/or Concert Choir may be used to fulfill this requirement). A grade of A in music classes, a 3.6 GPA or better overall, and character strength that includes demonstration of service, leadership, and cooperation. Each candidate for student membership is required to either:

•·Perform an approved vocal or instrumental solo, duet, or perform in a larger ensemble before their fellow chapter members.

• Or prepare an oral or written report in a musical topic in lieu of a performance.

All candidates must be in good standing.  Character for membership in these societies adheres to the same policy as the National Honor Society as outlined in the student handbook

The application process is in the Spring of 2024.

For questions you may email [email protected]