Viking Closet

Viking Closet

If you enjoy retail and helping others, this is the club for you. The Viking Closet was established as a place to recycle clothing and accessories, as well as, make donations of new items available to the SBHS community. Members will be organizing the Closet, handling incoming donations, dressing mannequins and creating displays. As with any organization, many administrative duties are required to keep things going. Therefore, club members will also be involved with fundraising, record keeping, event planning, writing articles, VTN announcements, creating promotional videos, photography, maintaining an updated school bulletin board and much more.  Community service opportunities will be available throughout the year.

Check out our website: 

Meeting Dates in Faculty Dining Room: TBA

Meeting Dates in B103:  TBA

Special Events: Dates TBA

Viking Closet Raffle during lunches

Prom Dress Drive- TBA

9th Annual Sisterhood of the Traveling Prom Dress Event--select a dress

Officer Meetings ONLY:   in SPS

Mrs. Garcia