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South Brunswick High School Science Department

Anna Alfieri - Supervisor
732-329-4044 Ext. 3241

Crystal Burnett - Science Chairperson

Dr. Aparna Rajagopal - STEM 6-12 Supervisor
732-329-4044 Ext. 3201

 Dana Armstrong
 Meghan Baskakow
Brad Bernstein
 Crystal Burnett - Chair 
 Timothy Burnett
 Dr. Mesur Çakir
 Shumaila Chishti
 Dr. Robert DeBari
 Greg Ferraro
 Susan Goldfarb
Anthony Grasso
 Nicole Hunter
Courtney Kestner
Scott Laurence
Judith Lebovitch
Alison Miller
 Hana Mottley
 John Noble
 Michael Poot
Alexander Rosenwald 
Danielle Rouder
Kenneth Sadowsky 
Casey Savoth
 Janice Shehata
 Holly Studzinski
Jeffrey Tuliszewski
 Ithan Zimmer