Viking Volunteers

Viking Volunteers Club

Viking Volunteers is an SBHS club founded upon the ideas of assistance and generosity; every year, the goal as a club is to have a meaningful impact on the South Brunswick and surrounding communities through outreach and volunteerism. Viking Volunteers exposes students to the benefits and environment of community service, and shows students how much of a bond can form between those that volunteer  for the same causes, as well as how much they can grow as individuals just by extending their hand to those in need. Volunteering inevitably offers a sense of purpose and confidence, and helps students to engage in experiences and develop skills that can be applied to other areas of their lives. Volunteering also allows students to further develop social skills, as it enables them to interact with a wide variety of people in diverse settings.  Viking Volunteers offers opportunities for members to connect with, and grow from, in order to see a further purpose for themselves.

Google Classroom Code: y4qka7g

Dues: $10
Ms. Marcella, Ms. Auerbach