Junior State of America


JSA is a student-run, non-partisan, political awareness club. Students meet weekly to hold debates on political and controversial issues, take part in mock trials, voter registration drives, and informal discussions. JSA participates in Saturday and overnight conventions held for students throughout the United States. JSA members have the opportunity to develop leadership, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.

 "Members should use the following link to create a JSAConnect account to view and register for upcoming conferences: https://connect.jsa.org/s/"

Google Classroom Code: wwbjaem

First Meeting on  October 13 in Red Cafe 2:30-4:00PM

Meeting Dates in 202, 203, 204, 205 from 2:30-4:00
11/3, 12/15, 1/12, 1/26, 2/9, 2/23, 3/9, 3/23, 4/13, 4/27, 5/18 

Information will be shared on Google Classroom.

Mr. Maitland and Ms. Markewitz