Athletic Program

South Brunswick High School

Elaine McGrath – Athletic Director

750 Ridge Road

Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

Athletic Program


Football          V, JV, 9
Soccer            V, JV, 9
Cross Country  V

Basketball     V, JV, 9 
Wrestling      V, JV, 9
Swimming     V 
Track            V
Bowling         V  
Ice Hockey     V

Baseball         V, JV, 9
Track             V
Tennis            V, JV
Lacrosse         V, JV, 9
Golf                V
Volleyball        V, JV,9


Soccer             V, JV, 9
Cross Country   V 
Volleyball         V, JV, 9 
Tennis             V, JV
Gymnastics      V 
Field Hockey    V, JV
Cheerleading    V
Basketball       V, JV, 9
Swimming       V 
Track              V 
Bowling           V 
Dance             V, JV
Cheerleading    V 

Softball          V, JV, 9
Track             V
Lacrosse        V, JV, 9
Golf               V


  • Teams are very competitive. (There are cuts)
  • Practices are held on the weekends, vacation days, and holidays.



  • The nurse must clear all physicals in advance.
  • Physical forms are available online at
  • Preseason student-athletic meetings will be announced during the morning announcements on VTN  and  posted around the school.
  • All student-athletes must be eligible for participation based on NJSIAA Rules and South Brunswick Board of Education Regulations:
  • Fall & Winter Eligibility: 30 Credits from previous years for grades (Grades 10-12)
  • Spring Eligibility: 15 Credits from the current year (Grades 9-12)

Minimum GPA: C-