Yearbook Sales
Posted on 09/09/2020
2021 Yearbooks On Sale Now: $103 
Order a yearbook for your student before sales close on January 31st. Pre-ordering a yearbook is the only way to guarantee a copy is available for your child in June. To order, visit the SBHS Balfour page.

2021 Senior Dedications On Sale Now: Prices Vary
The best way to honor your senior is to purchase a dedication space in the 2021 yearbook. This is one memory you can guarantee your student in an uncertain year. You can choose a space ranging from full ($500), half ($250), quarter ($125), or eighth ($75) of a page. In addition, you can purchase as many spaces as your family needs to honor your student. Finally, there are no limits on the amount of pictures or the amount of words you choose to include on a dedication because the design is in your control. You will be creating your student's ad using Balfour's online adbuilder program (if you can drag and drop, you can create a dedication!). Click HERE to watch a quick introductory video. To purchase an ad, visit the SBHS Balfour page. You will see packages with prices that cover both the yearbook purchase and the ad purchase in one convenient payment. If you have any questions about the adbuilder program or need any help with your dedication, please email the advisor: