SAT/ACT Testing at SBHS

SAT/ACT Testing at SBHS
Posted on 09/13/2020
Attention all students that are REGISTERED to take SAT/ACTs at SBHS!.

- Check-in for testing will begin at 6:45am and doors will close at 8am. Being that you must complete the health screening and temp checks before entering the building, it's recommended you get to school as early as you can to make sure you get into the building before the doors close.
- Please bring your ID, admission ticket, and a mask (all are required in order to take the test).
- Enter the parking lot via the Stouts Lane entrance by the tennis courts. 
- As you proceed around the building, be prepared to stop at multiple checkpoints (health screening, temperature checks, sign in).
- Once you pass the health screening and temperature check, you can then exit your vehicle and enter the building through the front entrance.
- Once entering the building, you will immediately proceed to your scheduled location to find your room assignment. 
*SAT (no essay) will report to 2nd floor in the main building
*SAT with Essay will report to the 3rd floor in the main building
*SAT II will report to the red and blue cafes 
*SAT Extended Time students will report to the 2nd floor in D hall. 
Once you find your room number listed at your schedule location, please go right to your room and wait outside for your proctor.
- A mask must be worn the entire time you are on campus.
- You must maintain 6ft of distance so please do not congregate as we would like to be able to continue with our standardized testing in the future.
- If you experience any COVID-related symptoms, please stay home as you will not be able to enter the testing facility.
- Once your test concludes, please exit the building immediately and maintain a safe distance while waiting for your transportation.

Best regards,

SAT/ACT Testing Staff