SAT/ACT Testing at SBHS

SAT/ACT Testing at SBHS
Posted on 06/01/2021
Protocol for SATs this weekend, Saturday, June 12th:

1. Make sure you have a valid ID, your admission ticket, and a mask. You CAN NOT test if you are missing any of these items.
2. Enter campus via Stouts Lane by the tennis courts and follow the signs around the building in order to go through the health checks before you will be allowed to enter the building. If you are feeling sick the morning of the test, STAY HOME. If you have any COVID symptoms, you CAN NOT test.
3. You must be wearing a mask and social distance the entire time you are on campus, inside and outside the building.
4. Once you clear the temperature check, you will be allowed to enter through the main entrance of the building. There will be a list posted as you walk into the main building that will tell you what floor to report to based on the Test Type you are taking (ex. no essay, with essay, extended- time, etc).
5. As you arrive at your testing floor, there will be another list posted. This list will provide Room Numbers and a list of students scheduled by their last name. Find your test type list, the range your last name fits into, and the corresponding room number, and then report to that room immediately.
6. Once you locate your room, wait outside the room for your proctor to call you in. Your mask must remain on and you must remain socially distant while you wait. The only time your mask should ever be removed is during check-in so that your proctor can identify you.
7. When your room finishes the test and you are dismissed, exit the building immediately, keep your mask on, and find your own space as you wait for your ride outside the building.

Best of luck!

SAT Testing Staff