Math Honor Society

Math Honor Society

The Math Honor Society recognizes success in the area of mathematics. Admission into the Math Honor Society is open to all students who meet one of the following requirements:

If you are currently enrolled in College Calculus, AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC :

  •  Need to have a minimum grade of 90 in all previous honors level classes and a minimum grade of 93 in all previous advanced level math classes.               


If you are currently taking a higher level math class you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • previously passed College Calculus or AP Calculus AB with a minimum grade of 93.

  • previously passed AP Calculus BC with a minimum grade of 90.

  • previously passed the College Board AP Calculus AB exam or the College Board AP Calculus BC exam.

Students must also have Sustainable membership/participation in a SBHS Mathematics Club (Mathletes), perform Math tutoring, or participation in a Math related activity outside of school. 

All candidates must be in good standing. Character for membership in these societies adheres to the same policy as the National Honor Society as outlined in the student handbook.

Applications for the Subject Area Honor Societies will be available in the Spring of 2022.

For questions about Subject Area Honor Societies please email