Character Education

sbhs logo "Be the change you want to see in the world."
-- Gandhi
Character Education at South Brunswick High School Character Education Bulletin BoardCharacter Education at South Brunswick High School is a way of life, not a program. It is applicable to both adults and students, and is focused on achievement and values. At South Brunswick High School, we live our Five Core Values of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Service - we "Strive for 5" -- every day. The Five Core Values are integrated into everything we do including classroom instruction, sports, extracurricular activities and student discipline. These values are infused into the classroom where meaningful and appropriate, and are strongly supported by the work of the school's student organizations. The theme is visible throughout the building on bulletin boards, in announcements and throughout publications. It is a daily reminder of how all those in the building can support one another and it helps make the school community a smaller one.

The 2010 -2011 Convocation ceremony focused on "Celebrating 50 Years of South Brunswick High School" and our core values of respect and responsibility with speeches on each of the values given by staff members. Teachers created and presented a slide show that expressed our school values and kicked off the school year in a positive way.

STRIVE FOR 5 - How the core values are demonstrated at our school
HONESTY - South Brunswick High School students are expected to be honest in their schoolwork and in their dealings with peers and staff members. Honesty at SBHS includes integrity in all work.
  • SBHS staff members have presented an "Integrity Week" in which various activities show students how to integrate integrity into their daily lives. Students are held to a high standard of honesty in all their work.
  • A student panel spoke at a faculty meeting to discuss ways teachers can help students maintain integrity in their work.

RESPECT - South Brunswick High School students are expected to show respect and consideration for all of their peers, their teachers and school staff members. SBHS teachers show respect for students" individuality in all their dealings with them.
  • This year's Homecoming Court candidates were nominated because they exemplify the core values.
  • The Renaissance Club recognizes teachers that students respect and students whom the teachers believe have earned respect for their integrity.
  • School pep rallies recognize students who have found success in scholastic and extracurricular activities.
  • Teachers use their lessons as opportunities to teach responsibility, kindness and respect. For example, World Language teachers work with students on saying "please" and "thank you" and using respect when dealing with each other.
KINDNESS - South Brunswick High School faculty and staff members model kindness for students, whom they expect to deal kindly with each other. The core value of kindness is shown through many school extracurricular activities.
  • In the Peer program, seniors work with freshmen to insure a smooth transition into high school.
  • The Vietnam Era course collects and packages personal items for soldiers serving overseas.
  • Book Drive - the Viking Volunteers collected books to help needy schools in Panama.
  • PALS - Members of the PALS Club participate in recreational and social activities with peers who have special needs.
  • The Freshman Mentoring Program helps students who are at risk.
SERVICE - South Brunswick High School is a leader in service projects. Many of the school"s classes, clubs and student groups contribute in numerous ways to the South Brunswick community, to New Jersey organizations and to those in need outside our state.
  • The IPLE Holiday Fund provides food and gifts for families in the South Brunswick community.
  • Students and staff members raised more than $8,000 for Haiti relief efforts.
  • Viking Volunteers members perform numerous community service projects including contributing to social services and visiting with local senior citizens.
  • All students and staff are encouraged to support our Annual Weekend Food Drive by collecting food donations at local grocery stores. Last year the participants collected over 12,000 pounds for food for needy families, the most food collected of all the schools in Middlesex County,
  • Powder Puff is a fun charity event. Students participate in the Annual Powder Puff flag football game at a variety of levels and the "fans" cheer them on. It"s a great time for all and last year raised over $7,000 for a number of charities.
RESPONSIBILITY - South Brunswick High School is a place where students learn to be responsible for each other and for their world.
  • HiTops members make presentations to students to help them clarify their values and make responsible decisions regarding their health and actions.
  • Many students participate in our semi-annual Blood Drives.
  • Students reflect on their behavior in Saturday Detention.
  • Students collect cell phones, bottle caps, batteries and other items that can be recycled into new products.
  • Students and staff members have volunteered their time to perform maintenance tasks on rooms inside a group home for UNICEF.