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The South Brunswick Special Education Department provides a full continuum of instructional academic options for students with unique learning needs who have been determined to be eligible for Special Education Services by the child study team.

The continuum of Special Education Programs is described below.

Study Skills Program: The Study Skills program provides direct and indirect academic support to students. This program exposes students to instruction in a variety of learning and study strategies, as well as provides them with academic support. Through this course students also explore their IEP, post high school options, assistive technology, and self advocacy skills.

Resource Center: This program offers flexible, drop-in academic support for students who are able to benefit from a more independent support option. Students come out of their Help and Access Period (HAP) to receive supplemental instruction, applied learning skills, study and organizational assistance from a special education teacher. Assistance with post high school planning is also available through this program.

Resource Center Instruction: Small group instruction in core academic subjects. These course offerings are listed under the content area in the Program of Studies booklet and include:

  • English I, II, III, & IV
  • Applied Math, Pre-Algebra, Basic Geometry, Transitional Skills Math
  • Physical & Earth Science , General Biology, Environmental Science
  • American Government, US History, Global Studies
  • Adaptive Physical Education
  • Spanish I, II

In - Class Support/Co Teaching: Co-teaching utilizes the expertise of the Special Education teacher and the regular education teacher in the delivery of instruction to students. Both regular education and special education students benefit from this method of instruction. In-class support services are provided, if needed, in all mainstream core courses.

Wilson Reading: The Wilson Reading Program directly and systematically teaches students how to fluently and accurately decode and encode in an interactive and multi sensory manner.

Life Skills Program: This offering is available for students with developmental disabilities who require a highly structured and supervised learning environment. While instruction is provided in academic areas, the major focus of the Life Skills program is on the development of functional communication, daily living and vocational skills. Individualized academic instruction takes place in small groups, following principles of Applied Behavior Analysis when appropriate. Students learn vocational skills through classroom jobs, in-school and district work study, community job sampling and community based instruction.

Courses provided through this program include:

Functional Language Arts and Math Life Skills Foods Healthy and Safe Living
Vocational Skills Independent Living Adaptive Physical Education
Job Readiness Life Skills Art Leisure Skills