Computer Science Honor Society

Computer Science Honor Society

The Computer Science Honor Society recognizes students that have demonstrated excellence and achievement in Computer Science. 

Students must have completed any 4 CS department courses by the end of Senior Year.

- A (3.9+) avearage in all CS department courses

- Overall unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher

- 5 on AP CS A Exam

- If completed, 5 on AP CS Principles Exam

Students must also demonstrate membership/participation in a SBHS Computer Science Event, Club (ie. CS Club, Hackathon, VEX Competitions, etc.).

All candidates must be in good standing. Character for membership in these societies adheres to the same policy as the National Honor Society as outlined in the student handbook.

Applications for the Subject Area Honor Societies will be available in the Spring of 2022.

For questions about Subject Area Honor Societies please email