Preparation for Full-Time Employment, Trade School or Technical Training after High School Graduation In our modern work world, most high school graduates find it essential to continue their education and training beyond high school. The average annual income for inpiduals with an associate's degree is almoast twice what someone with just a high school diploma can earn. The earnings for a bachelor's degree can be three times more. Post high school education and training may be attained in a variety of forms. Some students find that they can best meet their goals by attending a two year or four-year college. Others feel that a college program is not appropriate for their needs upon graduation. Regardless of your future goals, planning is essential. The following information should be considered as you select your courses:

Full-Time Employment/Military
Students who plan to enter the job market as full-time employees after graduation need to have researched the skills required for entry level positions, and have a realistic expectation of the salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement that are available with these positions.

Since employment-bound students will need specific job skills, it is critical to take courses that prepare them accordingly. However, it is just as critical to build a solid background of skills in reading, writing, science, and mathematics.

Students who are considering the post high school goal of full-time employment should look into Middlesex County's Vocational-Technical High School system. Vocational-Technical schools provide intensive training in a variety of fields supported by study in related academic areas. Information about Vocational -Technical schools can be obtained from your guidance counselor.

Students interested in joining the Military should seek information about each branch of the service, discuss options with their counselors and meet with recruiters who come into the school. Taking the ASVAB, an aptitude test, is an integral part of the decision-making when various training opportunities within the service are considered.

Vocational Education and Technical Training
Many high school graduates enroll in trade, vocational, technical and business schools for one or two years before seeking employment. Others may go directly to work but continue their training as they work by enrolling in apprentice programs, business college courses, university extension courses, and public school community education courses available in the area.

Just as it is not wise to choose a college without counseling with people who know colleges, it is not wise to choose business or trade schools without complete information about them. The standing of the school with employers, a clear understanding of its costs and its programs, and the placement and follow-up services - all are factors in making an intelligent choice. Students interested in the above opportunities should consult with their counselors in developing plans for their future.
computerNaviance Naviance is a tool provided to SBHS students for both college and career planning and communication with their Guidance Counselor.

What features of Naviance assist with career planning?
  • Counselors send grade level or inpidual e-mails to students as needed
  • "My Personality Type" - questionnaire provides information about your personality, interests, and possible careers
  • "Explore Interests" - a career interest questionnaire where you can discover the types of work activities and careers that may interest you
  • "Explore Careers" - provides detailed information including job description, skills required and salary for a wide variety of jobs. Search by specific job name, or by job category such as Military; Manufacturing and Production; Installation, Maintenance and Repair; Construction; Food Preparation and Service; Health Care Support and many others.
  • "My Resume" - keep track of your employment, community service, extra-curricular activities, awards, and achievements to build a resume
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Book Books and Websites for Jobs and Careers A variety of books and websites are listed so you can research jobs or careers which may interest you. Both the SBHS Media Center and the South Brunswick Public Library have a wide variety of books on inpidual jobs and careers in addition to those which provide resume writing tips.