Get Ready for College

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Get Ready for College.... no it's not too early to start! Welcome to the SBHS College Center which provides a variety of resources to help students in grades 9 - 12 and their parents / guardians with college planning, research, and the application process.

Freshman (or whenever you start this process) should begin by reviewing College Admissions Testing, FAQ about Preparing for College and the College Planning Checklist for Grades 9 - 12 below. In addition, register for Naviance to start "My Resume", look at "Explore Careers" and consider completing Career Interest Profiler. Familiarize yourself with the other Naviance features.

To DoCollege Preparation for Grades 9 - 12:

  • College Planning Checklist
    This checklist provides students and their parents / guardians with a list of tasks and ideas that will help organize the process of planning for college including beginning the process, organization, researching and visiting colleges, narrowing choices, and teacher recommendation
  • Naviance
    Naviance is an online interactive tool provided to SBHS students and their parents / guardians for college and career planning and communication with their Guidance Counselor.

  • College Admissions Testing
    Information about the PSAT, SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests (SAT II) including testing dates, descriptions of the tests, and frequently asked questions about college admissions testing.

  • FAQ about Preparing for College
    Answers to questions about the college preparation process, researching colleges, financial aid, college applications, special needs, Naviance, extra-curricular activities, and Guidance

  • 2-Year and 4-Year College
    Description and general requirements for 2-year Community and Junior Colleges and 4-year Colleges and Universities

  • College Comparison Worksheet
    Keep track of the major characteristics of each college under consideration including location, size, academics, recreation, athletics, costs, etc. in order to compare them
  • ROTS List Worksheet
    Students can use this worksheet to categorize their list of colleges into Reach, On-Target and Safety schools using the college graphs/scattergrams in Naviance
Computer College Applications for Seniors:
  • College Application Process Checklist
    This checklist provides students and parents / guardians with a list of tasks and ideas that will help organize the process of applying to college.

  • Application Tracking Chart
    Track the request and submission dates for each college application for recommendation letters, transcripts, deadlines, interviews, test scores, acceptance, waitlist, or denial notifications

  • Transcript Request
    Transcript Request Forms are available from Guidance and are required for each college, school, special program or employer you are applying to. Provide three stamps for each transcript request. Guidance will provide an envelope and use your postage to mail each transcript.
  • College Listings