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Center For Future Educators at
The College of New Jersey -new web site

There is a new web site for the The Center
for Future Educators (CFE) at The College of New Jersey.

The link is:

CFE was established in 2010 to inspire, encourage, and recruit high school and middle school students who are considering teaching as a future career. CFE especially seeks future educators interested in teaching in high poverty and hard-to-staff schools and/or high shortage subject areas such as math, science, special education, world languages, technology, bilingual and ESL.

CFE believes that New Jersey's students are entitled to have the best, highly trained teachers to promote academic progress and social skill development. CFE works collaboratively with New Jersey's high schools and middle schools, colleges and universities, corporate, governmental, and community agencies to develop and exemplary model of future teacher recruitment.

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Naviance online college and career tracking program

SBHS and Naviance - an online College and Career Research, Planning and Tracking program

Naviance is an interactive website that students, parents, guardians and counselors can use for college and career research and planning.

Students, parents and guardians can also communicate with their guidance counselors regarding college and career planning. Additionally, college information and post high school plans can be monitored, scholarship information can be accessed, and a calendar of colleges visiting the High School can be seen. Students can also view the status of their college transcript requests.

The current features of Naviance are of assistance primarily to members of the Junior and Senior Class. However, there are several features of the program that can assist Freshmen and Sophomores, including a personality self discovery assessment, tools to find and research careers of interest, and the opportunity to track extra-curricular activities for their resume.

Guidance has provided each student with a Registration Code which is used one time to set up your password protected Naviance account. Students and parents can link to Naviance directly from the Guidance website.


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