French Honor Society

French Honor Society

This honor society recognizes students with outstanding achievements in the French language. Only students in Honors French IV, Honors French V, AP French V and seniors or juniors in Honors French III are eligible. The students must have an A- or better in French and at least a B average in all other areas. Students must take French all 4 years of high school. The FHS promotes cultural awareness through school events, theater, museum, and dinner trips. Members are encouraged to continue study of foreign language in others and themselves.

All candidates must be in good standing.  Character for membership in these societies adheres to the same policy as the National Honor Society as outlined in the student handbook.

Subject Area Honor Societies: 

If you have previously been admitted to a subject area honor society, you do not need to reapply – your status for continuing eligibility will be reviewed automatically.

The application process is in March of 2023.

For questions you may email [email protected]