SBHS Graduation Requirements


South Brunswick High School students must earn 125 credits, of which 107.5 must come from the following required courses:

Course Requirements

Social Studies

3 years / 15 credits (American Government/U.S. History/Global Studies)


1 year (3.75 credits / 1.25 credits) for each year of high school; typically

PE 9/Adolescent Issues

PE 10/Driver Education

PE 11/Adult Issues

PE 12/Senior Health

English 4 years / 20 credits (English/Language Arts)


3 years / 15 credits


3 years / 15 credits (a Physical Science, a Biological Science, and any other Lab Science)

World Language

2 years / 10 credits (of the same language)

Fine Arts

1 year / 5 credits

21st Century Skills

1 year / 5 credits

Personal Financial Management

1 Semester/2.5 Credits

District Assessment Information 

NJDOE High School Graduation Assessment Requirements

The New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for Science (NJSLA-S) measures student proficiency with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science.  This test is administered to all Juniors and replaces the End of Year Biology Test.

 Early Graduation

Completion of the minimum credit requirements for graduation in less than four years is possible if planned early in the student’s high school career. A student should declare this intention prior to the end of sophomore year. The student's counselor will meet with the student and the parents and help in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the decision. The final decision for a student’s early graduation rests with the principal after a close review of graduation credits.

Students must meet all graduation requirements, including the completion of 125 credits, in order to participate in the school’s graduation ceremony.